Saturday, January 24, 2015

What size quilt do you like to make?

Do you always make bed quilts or smaller sizes? I make more queen size bed quilts. I do make some couch size which are twin but extra long because of the men in my household.

This chart is handy because it shows the  sizes of the blocks you might use. Also how many blocks you need across and down per size of the blocks. Hope this is a guide you might use. Chris


Rebecca said...

I have made quite a number of King size quilts in the past.... Do not plan on making any more. I quilt with my home machine and while it has more room under the throat then most its just to hard on my shoulders and hands moving that much weight for hours straight. And If I don't keep at it for hours straight its to easy for it to become a WIP for months. So now I make 60 by 70's mostly.

Lisa C said...

I live in Dallas and we don't experience a lot of bitter cold weather. I make 50% baby quilts and 49% lap quilts. That extra percent goes to longer quilts for our son who is quite tall.