Thursday, July 16, 2015

A have to goal and some geneology I found out

 I have to get two dresses made for the wedding. The two little girls are going to be part of it and they will be dressed alike. The yellow dress is the style she wants. No zippers just a small button. They will be lined with a teal colored satin and the top of the dress will be ivory peach skin fabric. 

They will have teal colored bloomers since Kate is still in diapers. I think they will be cute on my blonde haired blue eyed granddaughters. The bridesmaids are wearing coral colored dresses. 

Now onto interesting findings. I have been in contact with a cousin whose daughter is into ancestry and all things related. She sent me an email that surprised me.

She found family members back to England in the 1496 time frame. But who this family tree produced was more of a surprise. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. The poet from the Fireside Poets from Boston is a direct relative. His son was an Associate  Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.  from 1902-1932. Never knew any of this information. 

To begin with I thought the family was from Denmark and Sweden. So the English ties are a different twist to the family tree. This is very interesting to me and sometimes I am blown away as to how far back history can produce information for us. 

I am not a poet and not a justice for sure, but I always thought family I knew were just farmers and carnival workers. My Great Grandfather was a business man and was successful, but never this type of family history was expected. Interesting facts for sure. 

UPDATE: Grandson is improving. It will take time. So hoping and praying it recovers sooner than later. Chris

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