Sunday, July 12, 2015

I am a bad girl

No I didn't break the law unless you think the Quilt Police are looking for me. I just am not doing what I should be doing.

Th last couple days I have just sat and not gotten to much done. Well running to my Mom's and doing her errands.

I started looking at pictures that are on my laptop and thought I have a lot of sewing in the process and nothing finished. I really am bad about starting something else. More fun to keep your mind from getting bored by starting something new.

After the wedding is over with I am going to focus on getting something done each month. If I get more than one thing it will be a bonus.

I hate to say it out loud, but Fall and Christmas are around the corner. I don't plan on doing sewing for Christmas, but if I get enough done we will see. Don't know how my days will work on from day to day.

Typing this ahead of time so I can focus on getting things ready to go to my Mother's. We aren't doing anything until later this afternoon, but if I an collect it all together and in the car to be hauled in it will save leaving something behind. Chris Got to remember my camera........

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