Thursday, July 2, 2015

July plans

Well I read a blog this morning an the blogger had made goals for herself and she was really challenging herself to get a long list done. I wish I could make a list, but I know under the circumstances it wouldn't get done.

This picture was taken last fall when I made these blocks for this quilt. Here they weren't sewn together. It is sewn together and it is sandwiched and pinned. No bobbins wound, but I do have enough thread so far. When will it get stitched? Heaven only knows.

We have beds to move around today. It will be a busy day to get everything done. Have to get this project done to be able to move on with the last stages of my Mother's life. Goals at this time is make her comfortable.

We have a wedding that needs finalizing. Like food and dresses and also plans for kids and all the things they need before school. Time is slipping away and we need some organization, but plans always change too.

Do you have goals and can you keep up with them? I sure hope so this flying by the seat of your pants each day are not my cup of tea. Hope you have a Good 4th of July. Chris

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