Friday, July 17, 2015


My Mother got a phone call the other night and in the process of the phone conversation she was asked information and was scammed.

The elderly are vulnerable and it took me all day yesterday to make changes and still have more to correct today. She realized after it happened that she was scammed, but it was to late.

She knew better and yet they have a way of getting you convinced you will benefit from this. Don't answer calls you don't recognize on your caller ID.

Another lesson learned that we got things safeguarded before any thing happens. Hope this helps someone to not get scammed. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Sorry to read your mother had to experience this. I think it's so sad that people who must have some real intelligence to figure this stuff out are also too lazy to go out and get a job and EARN an income.... I don't think they understand that if they did something legitimate, they'd end up being so much better off. Wonder what ever happened to pride in what one does?????