Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Had a rough day

I got a phone call this morning at 7:30 am that one of the grandsons was at the ER. Could I meet Mom to get car seats.

The short of the story is the two boys were playing with an air soft gun and one shot a pellet and it hit Bryson on the eye lid two days earlier, but at 4 am he couldn't see out of his eye.

So they sent him to Iowa City to be checked out by a Pediatric Opthamologist. Good news is the retina is intact and it will recover, but he maybe will have a higher risk of glaucoma.

Lesson learned here is they had goggles to wear and they chose not to. It was a freak accident, but could have been really serious. He is on bed rest and has to see a specialist every other day.

After an eye injury rest is important. He rode the riding lawnmower and it giggled a blood clot loose and laying flat cause it to leak and it filled the eye with blood then another blood clot broke loose and covered the iris. This is why he can't see now.

Preach to you kids and follow through with all the safety you can find to use. He will recover, but don't let another kid suffer because you are now armed with this knowledge. Chris

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Katie M. said...

being a family of hunters and having a 'few' firearms, we preach to our kids from the time they are born never point a gun (toy or otherwise) at anyone! I'm glad he's okay....