Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lots going on

Over the next 72 hours I am going to be so busy. Cooking and organizing a cookout for my family. My brother and sister and niece are coming. My brother hasn't been home for 2 years.

Then I got late word yesterday that my step-brother is coming also. He lives in Wisconsin. He hasn't been here for awhile either.

We are taking everything to my Mother's house and setting things up. I can do prep work here and we just need to have the grill there for the cookout. We have a tailgater grill so it can be moved easy.

I will probably be so busy I will not be able to blog. The othe thing is new meds for my Mother starting today so we have to watch her and see how she reacts to them.

Never a dull moment in my live. Today I want to get the little girls dresses cut out for the wedding. As I said the other day I hate cutting out. I would much rather pull weeds then cut out clothing anymore.   At least they are simple dresses. They are going to be lined which is an added step, but I think they will be cute,

Will try and take pictures of the process. Chris

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Katie M. said...

It's always nice to spend time with family. I'm sure your mother will have a great day. Hopefully, some of the family will step in to give you a hand...