Friday, July 10, 2015

Dressed and ready for the day.

Here is the project so far. I am up and ready to go to Walmart to find adhesive sticks for pokka dots for the red part of the car. I think she will have a blast with this.

Today is a running day for me. Again! I need to find a new cotton robe for my Mother and get some groceries. I think I have everything for my supper, but for hers it is more difficult to get things she will eat. Her stomach isn't cooperating well.

Suppose to be really hot the next few days and storms can come out of the heat. This weekend I need to get my Granddaughter to my Mom's to do some cleaning. She likes doing it for her Grandma. Next week my Grandson is coming to make bean bag boards with his Grandpa. That will keep the guys busy. Have a good day. Chris

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