Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What am I up to?

Nothing worth taking a picture of. Today is mostly my own, but I will have to go to my Mother's later.

I have to run the vacuum through. It is getting thick in here. I have been gone so much so I just have to take a few minutes and get the big chunks up.

I do need some time to cut out the dresses for the girls. If I have them cut out I can get a few seams here and there. They are simple styles. They should not take a long time, but they need to get done.

I am going to go into the sewing room when the cleaning is done and try and get something done. I will turn on Netflix and turn off the regular TV. So tired of the political stuff already and we have another year of this bickering to live with. Not into politics.

Later today I will have some pictures of my husband's latest project. This one is a fun project. Chris

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