Saturday, July 4, 2015


I need to stay focused right now. Get the things done that have to be and let the rest go. The cleaning and the sorting will happen later on when the stress has gone away.

Besides my Mother's illness we are facing a wedding and many more changes in my Grandkids lives. Life takes many twists and turns.

On to my sewing focus. Well what little I can get done a little at a time will have to focus on the two little girls for the wedding. Both need dresses made and they will be easy, but need them to measure them. I do need to buy some lining fabric for each dress and a couple zippers.

My brother is suppose to be coming this next weekend. So we need to spend some time with him. We don't see him very often. He lives in Arizona.

Today dishes and cooking and going to my Mom's is the order of business. Hope you can focus and get your days all in a row for you. Chris

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