Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Remember these blocks

I made these into mug rugs. Bound them to use on my wood tables to keep them from scratches and dampness. I use them all the time. I need to make tons more to use up the smaller pieces to empty a tub full of scraps.

I think I am going to make them, quilt them as I did here, but join them as quilt as you go technique and use a solid black to make them look like stain glass sections.  With kids in the house you never have enough couch quilts or extra quilts if someone gets sick.

This is my own version of crumb quilting and similar to Crazy Mom Quilts Scrap Vortex quilts. How ever you do it. Then has decorative stitching as the quilting for the blocks. I use black thread and just use the decorative stitches and vary the width and the length of the stitches on each colored section in each block.

This is a great stash/scrap buster. Pieces are to small to make into squares or use in block formations. I throw them into a tub and let them add up. As with scrap quilting pick it up and use it unless it is the same piece or to close to the same color. Make 1/4 inch seams turn and press. Then square them up. Sandwich each square with batting and a backing. Stitch them with the deco stitching. This can happen ten minutes here and there. They will stack up quickly and make a fair size quilt before you know it. Think outside the box with your scraps. Chris

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