Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day didn't start out good.

I had just finished eating my breakfast and the dispatcher at the hospital called me and said my Mother had fallen and they needed to pick her up. I told them to kick the garage utility door in to get into the house. I got there and the policeman was apologizing.

I told him Mom had told them to do it. She refused transport she just couldn't get up. So it started a day of phone calls and doing things different.

A keyless entry pad for the garage door was installed and a Life Alert pendant was ordered and a different bed was agreed upon. We got things rolling and we still are in limbo over the bed because we have it and we need a truck. Working on the logistics over that.

My sister and niece are having health issues so they won't be down to help. so it is up to me. After we got Mom straightened up and meds and eating she felt better. She found out a way to get out of bed so she wasn't falling for now. She called me after a nap and she made it fine.

Don't let your parents or loved ones talk you out of doing something to make them safer. My Mother learned that today. Chris

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