Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wedding dress tried on

Yesterday the wedding dress got tried on and it is going to be an easy fix. Two little tucks and it will be ready for the big day. It needs a good pressing, but other than that it is going to be fine.

The little girls dresses are in the works, but I need a window of about 5 hours of time to get them done. Will work a few minutes here and there if I have to. Suppose to rain over the weekend so maybe I can get a block of time to get that project farther along.

Today is a sale at J C Penney's so need to look for nightgowns for my Mother. She has a certain style she likes. Also we need to go and get garbage out for her. I also need to check on any groceries she might need.

Gasoline prices are coming down again so maybe need to see if we need mower gas and also fill up my tank. Have a good one. Chris

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