Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dress in the process

Dress sewing in the process. I have not sewn in so long on clothing I lost my direction and had to look at the directions. I am at a point of pressing and also hand work. I need to make a loop for a button to add in the seam before I go any farther. The last will be th ruffle on the bottom of the dress and the lining. 

After this wedding is over with the main thing will be the piles in the sewing room. I can't live with it any longer. I need to pull everything out of the room and sort and purge things. I am so frustrated with things in there. 

Today I took all the Granddaughters to get new shoes. They are all growing and needed new ones. They had a big sale going on and they were at a good price. Even the baby got her first pair of Nikes. I see the date is off on the camera again. I think I need a new camera sometime soon. Still working on getting more sewing done today. 

Need to go get something for my Mom for Supper. Chris 

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