Monday, July 20, 2015

Today's business

Today is the day. I have to get these dresses started. Two alike, but different sizes. The off white is a peach skin fabric and the lining is 100% washable satin. The skirt of the dress will be lined with the aqua fabric and it will have aqua bloomers for both girls. Need to cut out, clean the machine, new needle and off to the races. There are no zippers or buttonholes. 

 The Yellow dress view is the style. Not the flowers on it though. Simple and yet cute. The wedding is in less than three weeks. Hopefully my day will go well and I can make some headway on this project.
Off and on I have dome some handwork, but not a lot. To much going on and when I sit down at night I just collapse. The large star red one is the latest and it maybe won't be in that position. I like to get a couple done and figure out the best spot for them. Don't want to many of same colors together. 

Hope you have a good day. Chris 

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