Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Secret project

We bought a Cozey Coupe last year and we are tricking it out. So don't Tell Autumn. Shhhhh!!!!!!!

Can you see what we are doing? It is going to be a Minnie Mouse car. Grandpa needs to paint the ears and the bow. Then  I am going to put white dots on the red for the pokka dot clothing Minnie wears. She has lots of Minnie items and this was fun to do.  

Between rains he has been trying to get the paint on the decks. almost done with the ramp. We will get the sides and the rails another day. 

Picture is blah looking no sunlight.  Most of this is in bloom now and colorful in real life. 

This is on the south side of my house and it is starting to bloom well to. We need sunlight around here. Only about 65 degrees today for the 8th of July isn't very warm. Chris

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