Friday, July 10, 2015

Where do I begin?

I know this is an age old story, but I still live it everyday. How do I cope with clutter? I don't I keep making it. I need to find in my piles of fabric some neutrals and cut strips and squares. When will I get to it again who knows.

I am now waiting on my husband to get up so I can take care of the other more important things like shopping for my Mother and getting this day off to a good start. He has been up for several days way before this. I could go to the store and leave a not, but that isn't fair.

I have a Minkie and fleece throw to get some and out of the sewing room. The neighbor brought i a month a go and my life got in the way. I have made one and the other one needs my attention. 30 minutes and it would be done.

I have a zipper to replace for my Granddaughter in a pair of capris. The biggest thing with that is shorten the zipper and get it ripped out. Otherwise 20 minutes max.

My brother and sister are coming this weekend so I need to get some cleaning done at my Mothers. Like bathrooms and kitchen things the rest can wait until after they leave. My aunt always says wait until after the family leaves to clean. I have washed all the bedding and remade beds for them. Most important.


1. Organize

2. Organize

3. ORGANIZE, do you think this is a good list?????

Have a good morning, Chris

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