Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This picture looks blue, but it is lighter teal colored. These are the bloomers for the little girls to wear under their dresses. This is the first pair done.

The sewer in me is struggling. I haven't done garment sewing for so long I have to rethink everything. Have you ever made bias tape with satin? Well I struggles with it for and elastic casing. Have another pair of these to make.

I am making French seams on the skirts so the raw edges of the satin don't show. Nothing worse than to see fussy thread hanging. I have to rethink the ruffle on the lining. I want it double so it stands out. But I cut it double and didn't think about the extra allowed on the original pattern piece for the hem. So I need to recut the excess off.

I have plenty of fabric so need to measure again and get that part done while I have that color thread on the machine.

I have put this off way to long and can't let it slide any longer.

Yesterday we went to my Mother's and he recliner was broke. Jeff fixed it for a while, but we ordered a new powered recliner for her. She is getting weak enough she needs the extra help to make the chair move. Hopefully it will be here in a few days. I researched online and found a company that makes smaller framed chairs.

So many time you can find larger ones, but this is for ladies as short as 4' 9" tall. My Mom is like 5'
 2" tall. Hopefully it helps her stay more independent.

Back to my sewing. Chris

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