Saturday, July 18, 2015


Been busy the last few days. I mentioned Family drama which is still on going and also a scam against my Mother, which is under control. Now it is Wedding projects.

My Grandson is here to help grandpa make corn hole boards. I guess I need to make bags for this project. Never know what your kids want you to make. Some day I will list the unusual stuff.

I took my Grandson shopping for some new clothes and shoes. He has shot up so tall and needed bigger shoes. He bought the jeans he wanted and we found them on sale. Which he was pleased with his purchase. I bought the expensive stuff. Shoes for school. He is 14 years old and wears a men's size 12 shoe. Doctor said when he was born he had the biggest feet he had ever seen. Still are big.

Today will be busy. Need to get to my Mom's and do a couple things and then we need to get a different shower head set up for my Mom. Things are not slowing down at all.

Off to get the dishwasher loaded and the laundry is started. Need to get chicken out for supper and then to Walmart all before noon. Bye! Chris

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