Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm up, not much to say, but I am here

I woke up and decided to sit and drink my coffee in front of the computer. Well almost ready for the second cup which is usually my limit. Mind you they are mugs and are each like 2 cups of coffee. Now I have the jitters to much caffeine.

Looking at the blogs I read and also looking at Pinterest and I feel so inadequate. I know I have a lot on my plate, but I don't even want to sew right now. I saw some more ideas for scrap quilts and some for really beautiful appliqued quilts. What is a person suppose to do.

I add them to my favorites list or pin them and yet I never get to them. This reminds me of my Grandmother she would cut pictures of "The Prairie Farmer " magazine that cam every month for my Grandfather. It was either dress patterns or embroidered doilies or quilt patterns. She has all these newspaper clippings in her sewing cabinet.

I couldn't see worth a darn for the last 12 hours. I just stopped and cleaned my glasses. Boy is that better. I am amazed at how I forget to do things like that. Clean now.

Yesterday the two little girls were here briefly. We measured them for their dresses for the wedding. Autumn didn't want me to measure here, but when it came time to measure Kate she wanted to do it, Maybe one of them will learn to sew.

OK so not much to say, but I keep rambling on here.  Off to empty waste baskets. Better than sitting here on the computer. Chris

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