Wednesday, February 24, 2016

6-8 months of stitching finally coming together

This required a lot of stitching and pressing and cutting to get this top this far. Started out as 2 inch squares sewn into 16-patches. Then cut diagonally . Then cut squares and cut them diagonally to fit around the bias squares. Lots of trimming after sewing the squares. That process of trimming happened over the last couple days. This morning I had some quiet time so I stitched the squares into 4-patch blocks. 

I laid them out to simulate the sashing I want to place between the 4-patches. Also to get some idea of the dimension of what the top will be. Mind you no pattern for this top. I am flying by the seat of my pants. I need to make 4 more of the 4-patches to finish out the size I want it to be. I have more of the smaller diagonal cut squares so just need to cut enough of the outer edging. 

The colors are muted because of the artificial light, but it is a pop of color and  I think framing them with a very dark sashing will make it look more intense.

I really feel like I am getting things done because of the fact it seems to be working better for me. I have had such a stifled feeling for months. I guess my moto now is when stressed go sew. You can see over the last few posts things are coming together better. Still have a long way to go to be normal in my life and I really feel I am in for another round of caregiver stress.

I have things to keep me busy depending on the need. I have a lot of hand stitching that can happen. After I get this top done I need to be measuring for backs. There are larger pieces in my Mother's fabric stash that can have things added to make a back for a couple of the quilts. Some just need to be purchased. So after this top is complete. I have to do measuring and list them along with color choices.

5-6 yard pieces should come in handy. But I think I need a king sized back so it will have to be 9 yards to make it work. My husband prefers a non pieced in different fabric backs. I know I am not doing it for him.

I thing the thing that is pushing me more to sew more hours a day is the TV and all this political stuff. My opinion is not in favor of all this name calling mud slinging and hateful rhetoric going on and we have months of this to live through. It is on both sides of the aisle. He said he said, She said he said and He said she said. Who believes who???? I can turn on Hulu or Netflix and get lost in a romantic or drama filled segment

The other sad thing is my husband cannot hear well so if he wants to watch it I leave the room to go elsewhere and I still can hear it. I know headsets are available, but then if he needs me I can't hear him. Tolerate Chris!

The guy that did our roof and windows is suppose to come by on Sunday or Monday. I want him to measure for a deck on the front of my house with a roof on it. I have visions of spending time out on this deck and enjoying more of the outdoor weather. I know about what the price will be, but not sure if it can be done with the roof line of the house.

Have to keep my mind open on that front. Now to get more done on the inside. Have a good day. Chris


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