Friday, February 26, 2016

Been really busy, but it was fun.....

You can tell they are sisters. They are asleep and both of them have their arms up. They sleep this way most of the time. No sewing today because they were here. 

Katie is going to be 17 months old soon. She is like her older brother and doesn't want to talk. Derek when he was this age he let everyone else talk for him. She is tarting to talk more. Some things come out real plain and others are kinda understandable. She is a pistol. She has this devilish laugh makes me think she is going to be a spit fire.

My husband fine tuned the sewing desk so this new machine was at the right height and also made sure the acrylic plate fir snug around the base of the machine. tomorrow I will get pictures. I am wore out from having two little ones all day. Chris

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