Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowing here

Not a lot of snow expected, but the wind is causing visibility problems. I need to go to town, but will wait until later.

I did some cutting yesterday and a little sewing. I did get a lot of picking up done and ran the vac in the sewing room. The thread snips were everywhere and I was tracking them through the house. Plus the dust needed to be gone to help with my sinuses.

I think today will be a planning day. We have another window frame and sill to install so it will be a day of trying to get that in and clean after the installation. It is a slow process, but we really don't have a deadline to meet.

Sewing maybe will happen on a few minutes here and there today. I tried to watch some programs on the computer that have been available through the network websites. Since January 1 they are not available anymore. So you have to pay for a streaming service if you can't watch them when aired free on the networks. Not happy over that move, but we are at their mercy.

I maybe will forgo watching one of the programs because of that. They are programs I like to watch on different networks at the same time. We do not have a DVR we have a free to air antennae. So have to adjust to the technical world out there.

Hope you have a good day. Chris

1 comment:

sewyouquilt2 said...

we had snow and shovel shovel shovel took over for sew sew sew
then I was too tired to sew........
oh well......such is winter
i will sew a little each day before work to get in my sewing "fix'
or else Mama aint happy LOL
hope you feel better. we are having windows and ceiling done and paint and floors so I may be in the same boat soon. gggggrrrrrrr