Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Now I am officially scared

While stitching on my little star blocks I started watching three episodes of Hoarders. I think I have that tendency to have a little of this disorder.

I am throwing away small pieces now. I hesitate and think what are you doing. I have been more productive the last week or so. No I am not as bad as them for sure, but it is something I have seen someone do and it was scary for that family when she passed away. They had three auctions and still threw things away.

I have made some progress with the little star blocks and I think with sashing there are enough now to make a crib quilt. I will get the top done and try and do some machine quilting on it and get it set aside for a gift when needed.

I am going to start throwing things away I promise. OMG it was a bad show to watch. Chris

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