Friday, February 5, 2016

Energized, but not the Bunny

 I feel like the Energizer Bunny, but I know that is going to go away fast. I went to bed early early last night because I was feeling so bad. My allergies have wreaked havoc on my body. Between the carpet tear out and installation which all have smells and dust and the window replacement, Warmer weather and rain which causes mold and also the stain and varnish smells I am a mess. My sinuses shut down last night. So I got up early and did a little piecing. These are 2-patches to be sewn into 4-patches and the squares are 2.5 inches.

Yesterday I went shopping and found a black solid and a charcoal gray solid fabric I liked and so it is in the washer getting all the dye to release I hope. I found some royal blue and a deep cranberry in my Mother's fabric and I am going to work with these colors to sash the 4-patches. These are for the grandkids when they get older and start their own households.
I stitched several more of these together and also in sections ans pressed what I had cut. I need to cut some more of the neutral and I have it laying out to be tackled. 

Lots of stitching a little here and there and I have piles of blocks made. I think I have made over 300 4-patches. So they are stitched and pressed and when I get the sashings dry and cut I will tackle the rows. I have several more sets of blocks waiting to be matched with sashing or borders to make tops. 

If I buy a little at a time and bring it in my husband doesn't get as wild about giving me a hard time. The solids I bought were a good price so I bought 5 yards of each. Black and gray can be used many places. 

I am off now to take some sewing back to a neighbor and maybe go to the store to get something to go along with supper. Take care Chris 

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