Friday, February 19, 2016

Retail Therapy

I didn't get to go shopping until yesterday. I even got my husband to go. He didn't think he wanted to,but we got there twice in one day.This is the second visit purchase. We bought an antique trunk and an old mirror. They are in the garage. I will get a picture of them later. This was already redone so my husband didn't have to work on it. I had a shelf there for the TV, but we didn't want the shelf any longer. I can use this in other places in the house so we went back after it.  

As you can see we are making a little progress on the wallpaper removal. It is a slow process and we are not on any kind of deadline. 

As you can see we brought in the shop garbage barrel to keep it cleaned up as we go. Getting anxious to get it done now. Then I have to look for fabric for new curtains for the windows. Redecorating can get expensive. Have a good one Chris

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