Sunday, February 7, 2016

Did lots of sewing yesterday

Still not done. I have four more rows to finish then make sure I like the way they are laid out for the final construction of the top. I need to cut a few more neutral triangles to complete the lay out. Really would like to see this one finished. I have to figure out a border fabric. I think I have something but until I get the center done not sure of yardage.  

Here is a straight on picture. Lots of pieces in this quilt. The illusion is they are set on point, but actually they are on a straight setting. The pinwheel block makes it looks different. It shows motion and makes the illusion of an on point setting. 

The sun is coming up and pretty pink and gray sky. Not sure what today will bring. It is suppose to get close to 50 degrees here. 

I have been so sick and trying to figure out what is causing it. We got new carpet, new windows and also now he is framing out the windows and stain and varnish on the wood. The fumes are playing havoc with my sinuses. We do have a humidifier because we have forced air heat. Oh yeah that is another thing a new furnace. 

Yesterday we went to the hardware store and I could breath fine. Different atmosphere. Got home and plugged up again. So he went on a mission to see what we can do to correct it. I am latex sensitive so we thought of the carpet, can't change that. The stain and varnish will ease up over time. I had gotten an odor eliminator product out and it helped some. 

I went into lay down and he went to the new furnace. I wasn't involved with the installation he was watching the furnace guys. There was a fresh air intake that had been hooked to the old furnace and they abandoned it and said the new furnaces didn't need it. 

He questioned it and with the installation of the new windows and also wrapping the house under the siding we cut down on drafts and less fresh air getting in. He knows enough about furnaces he reinstalled the fresh air intake and I started to feel better. The house was to tight and not getting enough fresh air. 

Not saying the other fumes aren't effecting me, but after all this time I can breath again. We haven't had enough cold weather top kill off germs this year and you no more than get over something like a virus and it comes back. So everyone in our area is really suffering badly with the crud.

Hopefully today you all have a great Sunday. Super Bowl I think is today. We are not sports people so I am not sure what is on TV. Yesterday I went to stream two TV shows that are on network TV and they weren't streaming so need to try again today. Take Care Chris


suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Hi Chris,
Sorry to hear you've been sick. I too am bothered with sinus. It's not just seasonal either. Usually during this time of year, indoors with the heat going my sinuses get irritated and then a sinus headache. It's runny, but clear no sign of infection. We are always working on things here in the house. The dust does aggregate the condition. I am now wondering if it's fungus. Mold stirred up with renovation?
I've read the fungus can get in your sinuses and stay. I've been looking into " know the cause"
There's a book, tv show and blog. Just thought it may be looking into with your case.
Feel better

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Why don't you try an air purifier? It will be the noise of something running all the time but might be worth it.

Carol said...

Your quilt is looking really good....i like it...i may have to try one....

sewyouquilt2 said...

your quilt is gorgeous. love it!

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