Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lots of sewing

This is the Lynette Jensen quilt I am trying to make. Lots of cutting and stitching.

This is 5 rows sewn together in rows. I think it is really looking good. 2 inch 16-patch blocks with pinwheel blocks. It is set straight, but looks like it is set diagonally.

This is all scrappy. No restrictions, pick up and sew. The light triangles are all the same fabric just because I had enough. A scrappy HST would add more interest.  More rows are in the works. I have HST's stitched but not pressed. After while I will go back in and get the rest of the made HST's assembled into blocks. I still maybe will need to cut the neutral HST's to get the right number done. 

This was a project from last year. It maybe will be a table topper. Not sure I like all the different triangles in this block. I have several made. I will ponder the outcome as the day goes on.

The 4-patch in the middle is 2 inch squares. The next layer is all pieced with different neutrals, then anther layer of triangles that are all different. This was a weak moment when I thought the more the better. 

Here are the 2 inch 25-patch blocks cut diagonal and then framed with triangles that read mostly solid. Here is the two sides sewn on and ready to apply the other two sides. 

This is the segment you start with. Busy... But yet it is dull also. Muted colors and the outside border makes a huge difference. 

This is the same block with the teal colored frame attached. It makes the colors pop with out a lot of bright contrasts like red or orange.

Here is a general look of what these blocks look like side by side. I have a ton of these sewn together and soon there will be enough to make a top. As I cut new fabrics to add to my strips I cut pieces to add to the large number of these blocks. I think there is enough of the diagonal cut squares to make two quilts. Which as I sew I do a few and stack them up. 

The biggest think with me as other quilters when there is a lot of repetition I get bored. I have to work on some more challenging things in between to challenge my skills. I stopped for now because I have to wind bobbins again. Using a lot of thread and cutting a lot of smaller pieces. 

I have to start buying yardage for borders and backs. I need to get a small notebook and add the amounts so when I am out I can pick up a piece here and there. 

Raining and sleeting at the same time. I think we are to get a small amount of snow. We dodged the bullet on this round. Chris 

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sewyouquilt2 said...

love that top quilt. real scrappy and fun.