Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Little pieces

 Yesterday in my search for something to try and finish and trying to consolidate my mess I ran across three bags of parts and pieces. Mainly they were squares in 1.5 inches and also 1.75 inches. Then there was a bag of 4-patches that were 3 inches square. So it was play time as to what could be made out of these.  One of the bags was purchased at the Thrift Center with the 4-patches already made. I just set them aside until I could come up with a plan. Some are all the squares different and some are two colored 4-patches, but they are the same size. I found some off white mottled Moda fabric that I could cut squares out of and also an white on white print to work with too. 

Here is part of my play time results. They are 5.5 inches at this stage of their construction. I think they are really cute. The center 4-patches are made from 1.75 inch squares and the flying geese parts are cut from 1.75 inch strips. I might make a baby quilt out of them. Still in the thought process on this one. 

Here are the 1.5 inch squares made into 4-patches with the Moda fabric in a square to make 4.5 inch 4-patches. Not sure about them either. Just fun to see the combinations as they are pulled out of the bags. 

I have a lot on my mind and couldn't lay in bed any longer so was up a little before 3 am. I am sure the rest of the day will be dicey as to how much gets done. Should clean. Threads and dog ears are tracking through the house. Heaven forbid I did some dust also. 

This is work from having small segments done and stored until the mood strikes me. Many times I just start sewing and make segments of a future block and when I get 60-100 of them made I then store them and eventually the clear picture hits me to figure out what to do with them. 

My goal today is to stay focused and see where this sewing takes me. I have a wall in my hallway that has nothing on it. Thought about making small quilts and making a collage of them on the wall. Hope you have a productive day. Chris  

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