Friday, February 12, 2016

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle

Sat and watches some TV while I ate my salad for lunch and I realized by watching a commercial for Valentines Day that this year I would not have my Mother to spend my Birthday with.

Reality hit home real hard. See I was born on Valentines Day and it was always for 63 years a day my Mother and I connected. Maybe she was living in Arizona, but we always talked that day. I guess this year I will have to put my big girl panties on and face it.

It gets easier, but you never forget.

Today is going to be my day. I need to figure out how to get a little more organized. I have my old machine and cabinet in the extra bedroom. I have been off and on quilting on a quilt in there. More off than on and I really do need to get it finished.

All this power sewing I have been doing is fine, but reality says you are not finishing anything. After I get around and get myself together this morning I plan on getting the vac out and going in there and making a dent in the process. I have to start getting tax papers ready to do taxes also.

So I will make progress, but not anything visual. I plan on trying to cope today and hope you have a good one. Chris


Frog Quilter said...

Cherish the memories you had with your Mom. I lost mine early into adult life. She is with you in mind, heart and body. Hugs.

sewyouquilt2 said...

You were a Valentines baby. My Mom and Dad married on Valentines day.
I lost my Mom when I was 30 and it still hurts. I miss her all the time. But I see her in my nieces (her granddaughters). little things like them asking me to learn to sew or can vegetables from the garden. It's like she is saying Hi until we meet again.
Happy early birthday my friend! Hope you get breakfast in bed and get to sew ALL DAY.........