Thursday, February 25, 2016

My intentions were good

First off I went out and bought a new sewing machine. Now before you judge I bought a cheapy one. I have two machines here that both of them cost about $2000 together and neither work right. They have been to 4-5 repair people and they can not figure out the trouble.

I do not do wedding work anymore all I do is sew quilts and some kids clothing. Well I could not justify the cost of another attempt at a repair or trading in the old ,machines and have a $2000-3000 bill to pay.

I decided after some research a cheaper new machine would work. Plus if it goes bad, I have a tendency to wear out machines, I can throw it away and buy another cheap one.

It is a Brothers machine and yes bought at a big box store. It was very reasonable and it has some features on it the expensive machines don't. I have a table/desk that has the tray to lower the machine to a level space. It had a template of acrylic to set around the machine. Well the new machine wouldn't fit this template so we made a pattern and had the local glass company cut a template to fit the table around the machine.

Last night and some today I played with the stitches on the machine and checked tension. I like this machine because it has the top drop in bobbin and it has a window so you see how soon you will run out of bobbin thread. The stitches are straight and almost a perfect stitch. I had a needle in the machine that was to big for the fabric I was using. The tension is perfect and the ease of setting the different stitches is just touching two buttons.

If you have a student that wants a good easy to use and affordable machine the one I got is the way to go. It is a Limited Edition of the Runway machine by Brothers. I had a cheap Singer machine from Walmart for 15 years and have literally wore it out. The bobbin winder quit almost 3 years ago, but I got a Sidewinder and fill my bobbins on it. That machine made me lots of money sewing for others. And it still works.

So you can understand my frustrations with these two Pfaffs that I can't get repaired by and authorized Pfaff repair person.  If I get half as much use out of the new one as I have out of the Singer I will be more than happy.

If the tension is good and the stitch is good it doesn't matter how much you spent on it if you are happy.

Today we got the last of the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen and got everything cleaned up and ready for the new wallpaper after next week.

The two little ones are to come visit Grandma tomorrow. And the Oldest Granddaughter text me today and said she is coming Sunday and she wants a Grandma cooked meal. That makes me feel good that the stinker still thinks about me.

I am really tired tonight. I think I have a migraine trying to invade my head so I am going to watch some TV will reclining in my bed. Hope everyone has a good evening. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I am very happy for you to have a machine that works for you! Having a machine that is nothing but a frustration to use makes sewing not fun. Have fun with your new toy!

barbara woods said...

we do need a machine we can use, i bough a feather weight that i love and a hugh machine for quilting but both just makes staright stitches so i bough a cheap brother for the ziggzag