Sunday, February 28, 2016

Itty Bitty Pieces

Small pieces. Yes they are. The 4-patch parts are 1.5 inch squares sewn together into small 4-patches. Then the neutral pieces are 2.5 inches which are sewn into the larger 4-patches. There are almost a 100 of them. 

This is just a quick lay out. I may move the blocks so the 4-patches make a 16-patch. I might have to make a few more of these to get a decent size out of the blocks. 

This was for the most part a bag of small pieces and mini 4-patches I picked up at a thrift store. I stuck them away not sure if I would even use them. I found them the other day. There were some of them stitched into 4-patches and some just sewn into segments. Also there were squares. A while ago I stitched as much up as I could and put them away. I know some day the mood would strike. 

It is a bland look, but it is a utility quilt like they would have had for Summer use back in the day. The day being in my Grandmother's life time as a young girl. The scrap bags were left over pieces from clothing made over a year or so and they put it all to good use. 

In today's World we throw away small scraps. We do things a lot different. When you have small kids and potty training there are times that bedding is in the wash everyday. I have some large florals in amounts that can be used for backings so I think it will be a quick stitch up kind of quilt. 

Today is quiet here. We didn't sleep real well last night. I think the house was to warm. I was awake for over three hours during the night so it will definitely be a nap day around here. 

I can go in and see what other parts and pieces I have stuck away. Chris   

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