Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pictures as promised

So here is the new machine. Yes it is plastic, yes it is a cheap machine, but has a good stitch and if it lasts me 10 years I will be over the moon with it. 

It is 100 built in stitches. Will I use them all, no. It has a perfect scant 1/4 inch straight stitch stitched programmed in. Also it has a straight stitch that is suppose to look like a hand quilted stitch. The jury is out on that one. I had a glass company cut a new piece of acrylic to place around the machine. Then my husband tweaked it to fit and I am so thrilled with that. Simple things make me happy. 

The biggest thing for me is the front drop in bobbin. No handling the bobbin case and getting tensions messed because you handled it. Yes it happens. Plus on this machine the bobbin winder works. I wore out two bobbin winders on two different machines. The light is a LED light and it is very clear. 

Remember last week I made the small blocks from tiny pieces I had in a bag in the drawer. I think the star part was about 6 inches with the seam allowance. Last night in the middle of the night while stumbling to the bathroom I got this idea to add bright colored strips around the stars in  the the log cabin style. I think this will be the center for a baby quilt or toddler bed. 

I sewed the strips around the stars on the new machine and I liked the way it handled. So today the dishes need finishing. I have a couple pans to wash. I was so tired after the girls last night. 

Today I have meat in the refrigerator that needs packaging up and placed in the freezer. Also need to plan something for supper. We have had fast food or not real healthy food all week. I need to get back on track. 

Sunny and suppose to be nice outside today. Hope to go out and try and pick up limbs out of the yard. Have a great day. Chris   


barbara woods said...

i love my brother but it's so small in the needle area or my hands are two fat one.

Katie M. said...

I have a machine that I paid thousands for and a 'simple' machine that I paid less than $100 for. I would rather use the 'simple' machine. It has a better stitch and has everything I'd need to constructing a quilt. Enjoy your new machine...