Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Retail therapy today

I have plans to get to the stores today and spend some money. Yes most will be on our everyday needs like food and cleaning supplies. I have a mental list, but need to write it all down. I normally go once a month and get the bulk of my shopping done. I lived in the country to long to not have eggs and flour and sugar in the pantry.

The store I want to go back to is an antique store. They had a old mirror with a walnut frame and also a steamer trunk. It is a more practical trunk than the one we have redone. It has a flatter top. I want my husband to look at it because he is the one to work the magic on redoing the trunk. My granddaughter wants the one we have so thought this maybe would be a birthday gift for her. She appreciates older pieces and ones Grandpa has redone also.

I need to get my list made and get my house chores finished before I leave. Temp is warming up and the melting will start to happen today through the rest of the week. Think I need to get the car to the carwash and get the salt cleaned off.

List gets longer. Have a good one. Chris

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