Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another top finished

I decided it wasn't big enough so I added some borders. These were little 4-patches that were in a bag and I thought let's use them up. 

I think this would be good for a toddler bed or a nap quilt. I just measured it and it is 46 X 32. I maybe should add another border to try and get it closer to 45 X 60. 

It is sure colorful. I think a toddler would like the bright colors in it. I think when it is finished it will go into a bag for future grandkids or great grandkids, My little ones are graduating to larger beds and they have a ton of smaller quilts. 

I did some more cutting and piecing this afternoon. In the same drawer there were some smaller 4-patches. Most of those came in a bag from the thrift store. All good quality fabric, but what was I going to do with them. I hung onto them and decided to make an old fashion looking quilt. Four patches with a neutral. Then I make it into a larger 4-patch block. I will take pictures tomorrow. It will be like a utility quilt, but using up good fabric. 

While pulling out strips for the star blocks in the bottom of the tub I found Log Cabin blocks in the process of being made. There are 26 finished that my Mom had pieced and another 16 in the works. On another day when I am not tired I will pull them out and piece another top together.  This is only a dent in unfinished things she had started. 

I have enough of my own and now all these tops need quilting. Maybe someday it will all get done. Chris 


Jean said...

That is a pretty bright quilt. It's fun to see how you are using what you are finding in your Mom's stash. Keep up the good work.

Sally: Starflash Quilts said...

Love the scrappy crummyness!

sewyouquilt2 said...

very pretty quilt. your Mom is looking down and smiling to get some UFOs done.
love your scrappy quilts