Thursday, February 18, 2016

Almost done

It lacks the gray sashing pieces and the cranberry cornerstones on two side and then it is a top. I got up and decided today was the day to stitch this together. I have some chores to do then plano n getting this one complete and get the final pressing done. 

I haven't measures it yet, but it will be a good sized couch quilt if nothing else. I think I am going to leave it without borders. This is a simple 4-patch with 2.5 inch sashing and cornerstones. The 4-patches are 4.5 inches or they use 2.5 inch squares to make the 4-patches. 

It looks very striking to me anyway and it also is a twist on a traditional look that looks like it is more modern. Gray is the new neutral they say. It is a charcoal gray with brown tones in it. 

The other thing going on here is the red wallpaper in the kitchen is in the process of coming off. It is slow, but going well. We bought a steamer to remove the paper and it works better than what we thought. It was like $50, but worth the effort and money. It does loosen it up so all the scraping from before isn't going on. Hopefully by the time the weekend is over we will have the job all complete. Then the paper that we bought can go back on the kitchen. 

Suppose to be close to 50 degrees today. Almost 60 tomorrow. I saw a Robin the other day so a good sign Spring is close. I did see over 100 Canada Geese flying around the corn field last night. They have been confused this year because it hasn't been that cold so they don't know where they are suppose to be. 

The other thing is today is my Son's 39th birthday. Seems like yesterday he was born, but all the ups and downs of raising a boy I remember though. He has matured into a pretty good guy. Happy Birthday Dean.... Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

Happy birthday Dean! it is my sons birthday too! I have no idea how he turned 41 when I am only 29 LOL love your quilt top. I hear ya about wallpaper. not a fun chore to take it off. good luck