Saturday, February 20, 2016

Goals went by the way side today

My husband has been ill for so long and he thinks he is getting better and doesn't. He has Parkinson's disease among other things and he doesn't have the immune system normal people have. So when the little people in our lives are sick he gets super sick. He has been fighting this since Thanksgiving.  4 antibiotics later and it is still making him sick. So we went to the walk-in clinic today and we walked out with three prescriptions and hopefully with the stronger medicine it will go away finally.
Remember about a week ago I panicked because I was running out of the light gray or silver thread I was using on a quilting project. I ordered more and several hours later I found another spool of it. I got the ordered spools today. 30,000 yards of thread. Hopefully it is enough for a few days.

I piece with this thread and basic machine quilting. It works in the machines I use and also it is a good price for the scrap quilts. I don't find the $8 a spool thread does any better. Some say it has more lint, but I don't agree so it is all in what you want to pay. I always say buy the best you can afford.

The sun is out and it is 57 degrees outside. I went out and did some bill paying and grocery shopping  after the clinic visit. So I should go out and do some yard picking up but it is soggy out there with all the snow melting. So it will have to wait another day.

We worked on the wallpaper removal yesterday and we are taking a break from it today. Maybe in a couple days we can go back to some more of it.

Not sure what we are having for supper so I guess I will have to go out and look at the freezer and see what I can find. Went grocery shopping, but nothing looked good to me. Maybe it is a carry out pizza night. I would like to get some sewing done so we will see when my husband gets up from his nap if he is in the mood for that. Take care Chris

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