Monday, February 22, 2016

Things are changing here.

Hate to say it, but things are getting worse. Not to the point of death, but my husband's health is changing. He has never been a big guy. Tall but slim. He is very frail now and he got on the scale the other day after being so sick and he is under a 100 lbs. We have had this conversation almost everyday he is not eating well.

He is trying, but reality hits that maybe it will not turn around. He isn't that old, but 66 and Parkinson's disease are not in his favor. He has bounced back before so time will tell.

So my time posting might get more strained. I am sure I will have to take over the outside work again during the summer. I don't mind, but it takes time away from doing sewing. I would love to paint and do things like this in the house, but it maybe will be on hold.

He says he is feeling better with the antibiotic he is on and some force feeding might get some strength back. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I see dust everywhere and yet I am trying not to make a lot of noise so he can rest.

Hope everyone has a good day. Chris


Katie M. said...

Sorry to read your DH is not doing well. I will add him to my prayers (and you) in hopes that there is a turn around...

sewyouquilt2 said...

so sorry Chris. Does anything like Ensure help him? it is a drink that give s nutrients to help you gain strength back.

Sally: Starflash Quilts said...

Sending you a hug\\O//