Sunday, January 15, 2017

1/4 inch difference

Got my act together get things organized for easier access to the EPP projects. As you can see the difference in the size of the hexies. The blue one is 1/2 inch hexie shapes on a side. The  
 orange is 3/4 inch on the side.
Of course more than one project doesn't get me bored. I have things ready in case we have weather issues over the next couple days. 

Last night I spent way to much time on Pinterest again, but I learned. Mind you I am a self taught quilter and sewer I haven't had any formal training in the sewing skills in school. I was way more advanced than the other students and the teacher was frustrated with me in a Junior high school class I was required to take. I was finished with the project and they had just begone to  get started on a project. 

The learning I  found out with searching last night was the Walking foot designs for quilting has advanced over the years. There are several sites that have very organic designs that I can see me using with my scrappy quilting style. I just looked into Walking Foot Designs and it was really eye opening. I have used a walking foot for many other things in my sewing life over the years. 

I saved a lot of the info for future reference. If you want a different look and if you are like me that free motion quilting is a horrible challenge this might get you closer to the look you want. Take your time. A walking foot works better if you slow down. 

I cooked a big package of stew meat the other day and froze 2/3 of it for future use. I made beef vegetable soup with the first amount. It was really good. I think I am going to get the other batch out and make beef and noodles today.

If I do this kind of cooking we have a good meal and it is not fast food. 

Hopefully you are not in the way of this storm and you maintain electricity. Stay safe and warm. Chris

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Rebecca said...

If you call it "leftovers" or "planning ahead" its great to have somethings ready to go in all kinds of weather. That's my idea of Fast Food Also.