Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sure glad I washed these

These batiks have been sitting there and I was pretty sure they hadn't been washed. I am going to use them for applique on a white background and wasn't liking the thought of bleeding stray dye onto the white background.  

So they got thrown into the washer with detergent warm water wash and 2 tablespoons od Dawn dish soap and three Color Guard sheets. They are in the dryer now. Will be ironing for ever when they come out of the dryer. 

I found two of the three Color Guard sheets. Look at the mess this would have left on a finished quilt if I hadn't washed them. So glad I did this. If in doubt do the right thing to protect your work. Chris

No affiliation to this company at all. Just a convinced user that they work.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I prewash my batiks too and I don't dry them all the way in the dryer. I set the timer for 11 minutes and they are slightly damp and press up beautifully, just like they were when new.

Katie M. said...

yep, batiks are the worst for bleeding! I use the color catchers even when washing a quilt for the first time and most of my fabrics are washed prior to even being put in the stash.... still chance for bleeding..