Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cutting and sewing but over whelmed

 Sewing to try and keep my sanity is now making me insane. Everywhere I turn there is a pile of sewn pieces or completed blocks and there they sit.
This will be a century old before I get done with it and I have another one just like it with different tan fabric started also. 

This was an experiment that I think will be placed in a row quilt with some other odd blocks I have tucked away. 

9-patches in multiple sizes are floating around and nothing more has been done with them. There is probably 50 of them there.

4-patches well what can I say I think i have four bags of them and also I found some smaller ones on a pressing board I have in the sewing room and there is almost 200 of them. 

Solid and string blocks. Enough for a couch throw. 

I have been up since 3:30am. Hurting and couldn't lay there any longer. The  longest period of sleep last night was an hour and fifteen minutes at one time. 

I got up this morning to go make coffee and stubbed my big toe and ripped the nail pretty badly. So Which is worse hurting laying quietly or walking and hurting while moving. I give up.

I think after a little while I am going to go back and lay down. I have taken some meds and Hopefully I get sleepy from them. 

I think I will get up then and get dressed and sew until I can't sit there anymore. Don't have any other plans for the day. Made a pot of vegetable beef soup yesterday so lunch is just a warm up deal. 

Ok as you can see I have lots to do if I just get in there. Chris 

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Granny Anne said...

I know how you feel about all the parts you have. I am currently working on a quilt for a young lady that is very time consuming. In between piecing of the blocks, I am taking 1 1/2" pices and making 4 patches. I have made quite a few and they have been put in a bin that is under the ironing board. I am hoping that I can come up with a way to use as soon as I finish this ongoing quilt. I also have 4 patches, cut off triangles , leftover strips of all sizes etc, just waiting to be used. Luckily I finish my own quilts on my sewing machine, but that takes time too. I guess we just can't rush these things...