Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bits and pieces

Some more hexie work going on. I do this in the morning to get my hands limbered up. This is the 3/4 inch hexie papers. So it goes a little faster. I have been using garment thread to baste the paper pieces. Might as well use it up.

I have been the person many gave me leftover thread to. I received a lot of polyester thread and it was ugly colors so in basting it has worked well. In the Utility quilts I make I use polyester thread for stitching the units. 

Some will say that isn't right. Well polyester batting is used so what is the difference??

I found sets of these little containers at the local hardware/lumber yard. They have 3 larger containers with snap lids and three smaller ones. They can be connected together with the black little handles also. 

I use them for my EPP pieces and also small applique pieces. With them being clear you can find what you want at a glance. I think i got them on sale and then a month later they were buy two and get one set free. My husband has a couple sets in the garage for pop rivets and small screws. 

Another good storage contine is pencil cases. They are on mark down at the big box stores. They were cheap when school supplies come in also, but now like a quarter a piece. 

Well the nice weather has gone away. Colder temps and flurries off and on. Stay warm and safe Chris

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