Saturday, January 14, 2017

My purchase

I was at the big box store. Walmart and looked through their craft and notion aisle. I found a different type of pin. Dritz now makes a pearlized headed applique pin. Clover has made on for a long time. But theirs are smaller. 

The one on the left is the Dritz pin. The head is bigger for those of us with stiff fingers who still do applique. I also use them on holding the hexie papers and the fabric together until you baste the units. Sorry the pictures aren't great. 

I think there are 150 pins in this container for just under $2 at Walmart. I like to pass on new items that might make your work easier. 

We have a storm coming and I am going to go in and organize my fabric for more hexies so I can sit by the window and watch the weather blow on through. I am trying to find a container to hold the hexie shapes, scissors, thimble, thread, pins and fabric. I have a basket with a center handle that is flat on the bottom so I think it needs cleaned out and refilled with the necessary things. 

Update: I have worked with the new pins all afternoon and 
I love them. Chris

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