Friday, January 27, 2017

Errand day

Nothing real exciting for today. I have to go today and get the oil changed in my car and while it is there they are going to rotate tires.

Then I am driving to meet my son at the Fire station he is working at today. I need to talk to him face to face and not over text for a change. He works all the time and is exhausted when he is home.

Trying to regroup with my thoughts on doing machine quilting. I am not good at free motion quilting. I think the type of quilts I make the walking foot method is going to be the best I can do.

I have watched You Tube videos of using this method. Also I have experience with using a walking foot with garment sewing for years.

I am not bashful about my short comings when it comes to free motion quilting. I know I am not good at it and at this point in my life I know my learning curve is beyond my abilities. Not saying I can't try to learn, but just not a priority.

At the time I quit work I  had a dream of teaching basic piecing and trying to do machine quilting. I looked into buying a used longarm machine, but my life style changed because my husband's health changed. I am so glad I didn't get that job done with the purchase. I know now with my back issues I never would be able to stand to finish even a section of a quilt. Sometimes things happen for the best.

I love to look at machine quilting and longarm quilting. It fascinates me how these quilters come up with the beautiful quilts they do for others and for their judged pieces.

Well need to get a take along bag to go while I sit and wait for my car to get done. I am sure it will be about an hour worth of repairs to sit through.

Have a good day. Chris

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