Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hexie work going on.

Making progress while I am aching from the weather. There is going to be a lot of color in this one. I think it will be a table topper when finished. 

These are hexies that are 3/4 inch on a side. They cover the area faster, but more stitching to get them sewn together. 

I bought this book this last Fall and haven't decided to start the main quilt. I need to come up with the pieces for the templates or EPP piecing. I can order them, but they are expensive. I need to take some time and see if Inklingo has them online so I can just print them out. I use printer paper and seem to get along well with it. 

This is the author of the book sitting working on this quilt. This pattern was not in the book, but it was intriguing. So I decided on the size I wanted to make my hexagons and started sewing. I think a lot of quilters can come up patterns. Maybe they aren't the same size as advertised, but if it works keep sewing.

With this being scrappy as far as the color theme it was right up my alley. I thought at some point I might do one with a brown inplace of the red. Sky is the limit. 

I went shopping today for some groceries at the local Walmart. I just had to get out of the house. We haven't had sunlight for over 10 days and it is suppose to come out today, but not until 4pm and then it goes down soon after 5 pm. It is trying to burn off now. 

Saturday will be my husband's 67th birthday. Plan on the kids coming for a supper. Not sure what I want to cook. I think he knows something is up, but we haven't discussed it. He loves seeing the grandkids. 

Well going to do some more stitching then figure out what for supper. Oh I know order a pizza. Chris  


Teresa Rawson said...

I love your hexies. I always admire hexies and often imagine starting...or really finishing a project with them. My problem is that I don't use EPP to make them. I have a pastel top that I hand-pieced the old fashined way EONS ago...with Y seams. It is a little small and I imagine hand appliqueing it to a border where I would hand applique a floral vine of some sort. That would be a definite U.F.O. finish if I ever finished it, LOL!

Rebecca said...

Did you know there is a way to make hexis with a circle and no paper?
I also fold the circle in half in counts of what ever and clip them so when I get around to sewing them the crease gives me a center seam to fold to..
On the paper front I have found lots of EPP templets free on the web. After I print them out on paper I iron them to the shiny side of freezer paper and it reinforces them just enough for me to enjoy using them. On some projects I layer up the freezer paper to give it more body.