Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What is wrong with me???

After dinner each night I start to get uptight. Lights are on. I am not alone, but the feeling is still there.

I try and find a hobby or look on Pinterest. I can loose several hours looking at Pinterest. Mostly I look at quilting, embroidery, cooking sites.

I guess I now when I lay down at night I suffer with pain I can't get rid of. I am improving, but I still hate this time of night. I have an adjustable bed which I play with a lot during the night to find less pressure for a period of time.

During the day I walk use the heating pad and change chairs to relieve it. At night you don't have those options. I have tried pillows, side to side positions. I need some good sleep.

I am going to try and calm down and see if I can make a different approach to going to bed.

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Jean said...

Have you tried deep breathing and relaxing techniques, which you can find online? I also used scripture verses.