Monday, January 23, 2017

I made these over a year ago

I got on my Facebook this morning and you can see the date in the corner. Over a year. They are in stacks in the sewing room.

Scraps were used and maybe a little variety had to be cut to make these blocks. 

I have many of these done and a couple more in the works. I haven't sewn for several days again. I had granddaughters over three days for several hours each day. So that isn't a good time to sew. I go to bed early because of pain, but don't sleep until way after midnight and up by 5 am. Not enough rest.

I need to be on a mission. We are experiencing indoor allergies this Winter. Probably have before and didn't identify it. I ordered some new mattress pads and I am going in to clean bedrooms first. They now suggest sheets be changed twice a week. Also they need to be washed in hot water. I am thinking the quilts should be washed more often. So my goal tomorrow is tackle the bed rooms.

Jeff has difficulty also so I will start there. He can't afford to be sick.

I went out shopping today. No fabric, but went to a thrift store and found baby clothing. Some still had tags on them from stores. I got a huge sack full for $10. I made a good haul there today. The baby is growing and is in 3 month clothes already just under three weeks old, but she was so big at birth. Well enjoy your evening Chris

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