Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Placing an order for fabric today

I have a package of applique patterns coming in the mail.Sorry Teresa didn't get to the mailbox today. My husband wasn't feeling good so stayed close.

I want to get some fabric ordered for background for applique blocks. I like the Kona Cotton Snow, but I have tpop order it. The Joann's doesn't carry it here. I do like a good quality tea dyed muslin also.

I would like to get to the quilt shop in a local town. It is about 50 miles away. They have civil war era prints.  I need neutrals. I have plenty of the other colors, but weak in neutrals.

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so I think I will get my monthly shopping list made and try and get out between showers. We might get some snow fall also. We are 7 inches short on snow fall this winter. The farmers worry about that because it retains moisture in the ground when there is a ground cover.

Well going in to get ready for the day. Cleaning for sure. Chris

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Julierose said...

Oh i sent for a small bundle of Teresa's fruits applique blocks...I am still struggling with applique, but just loving these...am going to begin with a Jan Patek basket for starters--it's bigger and has nice, slow curves..hugs, Julierose