Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Still looks messy, but better

Yes it is a mess yet, but several things have been completed or moved to a better stage of completion. I can see the top of part of the desk top. 

In reading other blogs as I do in the morning I read a sad post. Sue Garman has ended her struggle with cancer and is now resting in peace. She lost her husband a couple months ago and now she is gone also. 

She was a very talented quilter and appliquer. 

I have little or no ambition today. I have to get to the grocery store and also do meal. I slept, but it is suppose to be a rainy day and the aches and pains come back. I use to get migraines now I get body migraines. LOL

I have noticed more and more that quilt bloggers are giving up posting or they have slowed down to one a month. Some bloggers are changing their blogs. I am fine with mine the way it is, but I wish I was more inspired. 

The stack of Log Cabin blocks on the desk in the picture were started by my Mother. I finished over half of them to  get about 35 blocks. So I need to get them laid out to see if I need more or I need to just get them sewn into a top. 

I am trying not to start anything new, but complete things. Some things I haven't worked on in so long it is like a new project. Funny how life gets in the way and priorities change. 

Thinking of Sue Garman. You are given today, but maybe not tomorrow. Do your best. Chris

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