Friday, January 20, 2017

Busy evening

Last evening we got visitors. Katelyn is talking more all the time. She was using small sentences and all of a sudden it is a long conversation. She was 2 in October. She was recalling an event that she was involved in recently and she had to act it out. We just laughed. Fun when they are changing and evolving.

Autumn made sure we knew she was the big sister now and she could do everything herself. She will be four in March. Her logic is she needs to control everything. Mommy had to go to an appointment, o she took the baby.

Today we get all three of the girls so should be interesting how that goes. The older girls are good for us, but will they give Charleigh personal space. LOL. 

I have a bouncy chair which is a sling chair that she can lay in and not be held all the time. Then tomorrow they will all be here again for birthday supper for Grandpa.

I need to go to the store this morning and look for meat for the birthday meal. It is suppose to be in the 50's so we are going to grill out. I plan on steak. If you watch your buys sometimes it is cheaper than hamburger. So girls are coming at noon and I need to go to the store early or wait until early tomorrow.  Sometimes they have mark downs to move packages fast. 

Regardless of how you voted or feel politically this is going to be a historic day. I am not normally outspoken about politics or religion, but I have lived through many events over my 65 years. This one feels different even strange. Many have hope in there being changes, but I have fear and strange feeling which I hope aren't going to come to be an event. 

I hope today will be an event you will look back on and the things you want it to be or hope will happen. Days ahead will be a new adventure. Chris

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